StormSeal is an extremely diverse product that’s easy and fast to install, and integrates well with other architectural materials. Achieve modern and desirable design solutions with a wide array of cost-effective combinations.

Made from some of the most durable materials available, StormSeal’s plain galvalume is a cost-effective and natural looking complement to other construction materials such as glass, pre-cast concrete, masonry, and wood.

The aesthetic appeal and two profile options provide attractive exteriors for warehouses and distribution centers to multi-story office buildings, churches, schools, retail outlets and wide span athletic centers and arenas.

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StormSeal | Roof, Wall, & Liner
StormSeal Panel Profile
StormSeal is a strong and versatile panel with a 36" wide coverage.
NARROW RIBStormSeal Narrow Rib
WIDE RIBStormSeal Wide Rib

StormSeal is available in a number of standard colours. Please refer to the Colour Availability Chart. A wide range of optional colours and coatings are available by special order.