Heavy duty steel deck such as RD-156 and CD-156, is the superior choice for built-up roofs and concrete floor slabs.

As a 36" wide panel, RD-156/CD-156 feature a hook lap and 1.5" deep ribs on 6" centers. Embossments are available for composite applications.

For more information, please see RD-156 Roof Deck and CD-156 Composite Deck.

RD-156/CD-156 Roof & Composite Deck
RD-156/CD-156 Panel Profile
RD-156/CD-156 are the superior choice for built-up roofs & concrete floor slabs.
STANDARDRD-156/CD-156 Standard
INVERTEDRD-156/CD-156 Inverted

RD-156 Roof Deck is available in comes in LZC (Light Zinc Coat, or Wipe Coat or Z075 or ZF75 or Galvaneal). CD-156 Composite Deck is available in LZC or G90 (G90 is pre-galvanized material).