TechLoc is a specialized 16" wide, 3" deep panel that is available in a number of configurations from flat to sculptured, with optional flutes. This panel is best suited for architectural details or self-framing applications.specialized

The TechLoc Flat panel can be used as a wall panel with flat surface exposed or with ribs exposed for a special accent. The panel surface can be stucco embossed or have 3 light flutes for architectural detail.

The TechLoc sculptured panel is a quality concealed-fastener wall panel, for use in special architectural applications or as a premium building system wall panel. This sculptured profile has a contemporary, architectural box appearance.

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TechLoc Roof, Wall Panel
TechLoc Panel Profiles
TechLoc is a specialized 16" wide panel, available in numerous configurations.
FLAT LOADINGTechLoc Flat Loading
SCULPTURED LOADINGTechLoad Sculptured Loading

TechLoc is available in a number of standard colours. Please refer to the Colour Availability Chart. A wide range of optional colours and coatings are available by special order.