StrucSeal is a durable, heavy duty panel perfect for demanding applications or for a unique look.

With 1.5" deep ribs on 6" spacings, this 36" or 30" wide coverage panel has the strength for any application. It is available in both wide rib and narrow rib versions to suit the job. Minor flutes on the wide ribs are optional.

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StrucSeal Roof, Wall & Liner
StrucSeal Panel Profile
StrucSeal is a heavy duty panel with 1.5" deep ribs, covering 36" or 30".
NARROW RIBStrucSeal Narrow Rib
WIDE RIBStrucSeal Wide Rib

StrucSeal is available in a number of standard colours. Please refer to the Colour Availability Chart. A wide range of optional colours and coatings are available by special order.