DiamondSeal is an extremely popular, low profile panel, perfect for any application or construction type.

DiamondSeal panels are traditional and low rib, wall, roof, or liner commonly used on agricultural, light commercial, or residential buildings. This economical panel features crisp uniform 5/8" ribs on 6" spacing covering the 36" wide panel. The panel design allows for efficient use of material resulting in a low cost, high quality product. Panel laps are strengthened by a bearing rib and minor flutes add an aesthetic appeal.

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DiamondSeal Roof, Wall & Liner
DiamondSeal Panel Profile
DiamondSeal features crisp uniform 5/8" deep ribs on 6" spacing covering 36".
NARROW RIBDiamondSeal Narrow Rib
WIDE RIBDiamondSeal Wide Rib

DiamondSeal is available in a number of standard colours. Please refer to the Colour Availability Chart. A wide range of optional colours and coatings are available by special order.