CD-156 Composite Deck

The high strength to weight ratio of metal deck provides a cost efficient roof and floor system that is easy to handle and install.

A composite system using steel deck and concrete is achieved by adding mechanical embossments to the web of the deck. In this system, the steel deck provides the tensile reinforcement while the concrete carries the compression loads. The use of CD-156 can eliminate forming and rebar in a concrete floor system resulting in reduced labour and material costs. CD-156 has a 1 1/2” deep ribs 6” on center and is available in a variety of gauges and finished to suit your needs.

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CD-156 Composite Deck
CD-156 Composite Deck
CD-156 is a superior choice for built-up roofs & concrete floor slabs.
STANDARDCD-156 Composite Deck Standard
INVERTEDCD-156 Composite Deck Inverted

CD-156 Composite Deck is available in LZC or G90 (G90 is pre-galvanized material).